Pokhara, 1954
The advent of commercial and passenger flights in Nepal pioneered by Late Mr. Prayag Man Singh Pradhan
Chairman, Everest Travel Service (P) Ltd.

Formed in 1965, Everest Travel Service has been successfully trading for over 35 years.Our continued growth is attributable to our service, strong company management and financial stability. 

Late Mr. Prayag Man Singh, the Chairman of the company, a dynamic personality in the air-transport and travel business was first to introduce air transportation inside Nepal. In 1954, he introduced the first DC aircraft charter in Nepal.

From 1954 to 1964, the company functioned with the name Nepal Air Commercial Agency. It was mainly for cargo transportation especially food grains, necessary items and passengers, where there were no road links.

In 1965, Everest Travel Service was founded to cater to growing needs in travel and cargo fields.

In 1984, Everest De Cargo was established as the sister concern of Everest Travel service in order to cope with the increasing cargo consolidation